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Introduction to Human Design$95.88

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  • What's included with this package again?
    Your Introduction to Human Design includes a live training and a one-on-one human design session with Human Design expert, Raquel Soto. By the end of these two sessions, you'll understand exactly how your human design applies to all that you do and how to use the principles to your advantage in your relationships, career, and life.
  • When is the live workshop? The one-on-one session?
    The live workshop is on Wednesday, May 17th at 2:00 PM Pacific (3 PM MDT / 4 PM CDT / 5 PM EDT). Your one-on-one session scheduling link will be sent after you register and you'll schedule that at the best time for you!
  • Will I have access to the recordings?
    Yes. Both the training and your one-on-one session are recorded and sent over to you along with your human design materials.
Stephanie Barton
Transformational Life Coach at Feminine Rising Leadership

Raquel is a powerful, intuitive coach with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of modalities. I have been studying my own human design chart for over 10 years and have always been a bit overwhelmed by it. When I saw Raquel was offering sessions for specific applications of Human Design, I signed up for her “Money Edition ~ Content and Marketing”. I cannot begin to express how helpful it was! I had been struggling for years with marketing as everyone else did. With the insight Raquel has given me, I am easily attracting the clients and money I knew was out there for me! I highly recommend you experience Raquel's magic in any way you can get it. Her meditations are powerful and effective. Thank you, Raquel, for being a bright leader and guide in this complicated world! So grateful to have the pleasure and blessing of working with you.

Jackie Lapin
Founder of SpeakerTunity

Ken Course is a genius. I don’t say this lightly. He is respected throughout the personal growth industry because he is not only brilliantly creative when building your digital footprint, but his depth of knowledge is so deep, his commitment to customer service so high, and his integrity so forthright, that he stands head and shoulders above anyone else in the field. We could not have developed our powerful SpeakerTunity platform without him and his team.