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Create better content with 3 months of Content Creation Coaching with our expert team.

Add on this one-time upgrade for only $75.55!
3 months of group Q&A, support, and ongoing training from our team to help you create better content, improve your overall quality, manage your social media, and get faster at the creative process.

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Create Better Video with OBS$25.55

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  • 1xCreate Better Video with OBS$25.55

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  • What's included with this package again?
    "Create Better Video with OBS" gives you all the tools you need to use Open Broadcaster Software to improve your video for events, meetings, recorded trainings, and live streaming. For more personalized support, add on 3 months of additional content creation coaching with our expert team.
  • How long does it take for us to start working together?
    The course starts on April 27th at 2 PM Pacific. Coaching begins in May!
  • Why should I use OBS?
    The two fastest answers are this:

    -Your video quality when recording or live streaming is FAR higher than using tools like Zoom.

    -You have far more flexibility over what your final video looks like before you go public.

    Once you've mastered OBS, your ability to create professional looking content becomes far easier than with other tools.
Jackie Lapin
Founder of SpeakerTunity

Ken Course is a genius. I don’t say this lightly. He is respected throughout the personal growth industry because he is not only brilliantly creative when building your digital footprint, but his depth of knowledge is so deep, his commitment to customer service so high, and his integrity so forthright, that he stands head and shoulders above anyone else in the field. We could not have developed our powerful SpeakerTunity platform without him and his team.

Steve Earl
CEO of Done For You Real Estate USA

I have never worked with someone who more efficiently does everything he says he is going to do. Additionally, Ken Course is a master marketer who is both technician and practitioner of his knowledge and skill. Ken has built and managed my websites, written copy for my email campaigns, spoken at my events, and consulted with me to help get the greatest bang for my marketing dollars. I highly recommend Ken to anyone or any business looking to implement an effective marketing campaign.