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  • What's included with this package again?
    In case you missed it on the sales page, the Launch Package includes: 6 Weeks of Your Year at a Glance with Masha Malka, 6 Weeks of Emotional Mastery Training with Masha Malka, 30 Days of Gratitude with Ken Course, Facilitated Masterminding Training with Ken Course, and 90 Days of Focused Coaching with Now Presenting You.
  • How long does it take for us to start working together?
    Your first programs will begin in mid-June with both Masha and Ken.
  • Is there any value in
    The coaching industry has a bad reputation for many reasons.

    The biggest one being a lack of accountability. What many coaches are sharing online and in their content is completely made up and has no basis in reality. That's not us.

    In fact, Masha has been teaching at the university level in Spain and has worked with organizations worldwide to implement The One Minute Coach™ system for many years. Ken has multiple coaching and training certifications and was personally trained by one of the leaders behind the Coaches Training Institute.

    Both of us work in these areas every single day to create tangible results for leaders around the world.

    This isn't theory or "life coaching." There are just many proven, practical, and time-tested systems in this program.
Jackie Lapin
Founder of SpeakerTunity

Ken Course is a genius. I don’t say this lightly. He is respected throughout the personal growth industry because he is not only brilliantly creative when building your digital footprint, but his depth of knowledge is so deep, his commitment to customer service so high, and his integrity so forthright, that he stands head and shoulders above anyone else in the field. We could not have developed our powerful SpeakerTunity platform without him and his team.

Stephanie Simmon
Customer Service Manager, Mediacom USA

Thanks Masha! I truly appreciate your outstanding response and ideas. Sometimes it takes a person from outside the group and organization to point out the things that need work and why. I sensed that all in the case study group I mentioned (including me) were becoming so frustrated with the lack of progress and the inability to communicate effectively, that all of us were unable to see the forest for the trees (so to speak...). You make an excellent teamwork consultant! The suggestions you brought have now been put into play and created such a huge difference in attitude and motivation! Thanks so much for your positive and practical ideas and thoughts.